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Online Tarot School Ar Nouvel

Welcome to the Ar Nouvel Tarot online school.

The author's school Ar Nouvel is based exclusively on many years of experience in the field of tarology.

In order to set up this school, many practices were conducted and observed by working with the Tarot. The real stories of people, their destinies, how the cards showed them the way and revealed any spheres of life were analyzed.

All these data were fixed and formed into one science, the unique language of the Tarot. The advantage of our school lies in special charts of spreads, exclusive methodology of Tarot reading and calculation of future events. With all the voluminous material, the student will be able to predict the spread very quickly and correctly as well as easily remember the meaning of the cards themselves.

In addition to schemes, you will be able to learn the hidden manifestations of each Arcanum of the Tarot, which you will not be able to learn on the Internet or in books. Since these manifestations of each card were carefully studied in the process of practice with people on the real stories of their lives.

In every course of our school, we prepare presentation or video materials. They will have a full illustration of cards, spreads, examples for practice and guidelines. All this is done in order to make the information as easy as possible to absorb.

In our author's Tarot school, you will find courses both for a beginner with zero knowledge and for practicing tarot readers who want to improve their professional level.

Also, the uniqueness of the school is that all the examples in each course use the author's decks of cards, which were created directly by the tarologist and the author of the courses.

About the author of the courses:

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the Ar-Nouvel Author Tarot School. And I want to tell you a little about myself.

My real name is Irina. I was born on the territory of Ukraine. My first acquaintance with cards happened at the age of 13, when I first started to learn the basics of predicting with cards. At that time, only playing format decks were available, popularly called gypsy or Lenormand cards. It was love at first sight, and already in adulthood I embodied all my childhood impressions in the first deck Inner voice Lenormand which was created by me and my partner.

Over time, I began to study and learn in practice the classic Tarot system of Ryder Waite. Every year, I honed my skills in Tarot readings, which gave me the impetus to reveal such qualities as clairaudience, spiritualism and medium skills. This helped me a lot to prove myself and become an expert in an international company in the field of esoteric services.

I worked for a stream of people in a tight schedule, faced very difficult tasks. At the same time, having only 10 minutes per person, I learned to make universal spreads in a short time. With the help of these spreads, I could give a quick answer to the given questions. I will share these methods with you in my courses, as well as everything that I have personally developed during my practical work.



We donate part of our income to help Ukrainian refugees, IDPs and Armed Forces of Ukraine.