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Our future courses

In addition to the courses presented on the main page, we are also developing new topics.

  •  Express course "General diagnostics of the negative".

    The course is aimed at the general diagnosis of a person, namely at the energetic, physiological and psychological state. The course also includes a guide to a separate group of negative influence cards.

  • Detailed course "Sphere of personal life".

    This course is devoted to a detailed study of the sphere of personal relationships. The course examines the formation of triplets, their analysis and interpretation. A guide to the values ​​of each card is attached to the course. The course is considered universal and sufficient for work on issues of personal life.

  • Course "Quintisentia Tarot" (Numerological calculations in Tarot).

    The course contains more numerological and astrological tables and calculations that can be used to calculate time and period. And also how to use tarot numbers.